10 Sep Styling Your Shoot: City Girls Brunch

Get ready for lots of tips and inspiration in this post!

Get the look: Classic City Girl Brunch

Whether you want to head out on the town for a lovely brunch or visit a park and color with your favorite little gal, we’ve got you covered with two head-to-toe looks!

Today’s look is an inspiration board and hair ideas to style your next photo shoot or trip on the town. Start by choosing something you feel fabulous in (here, my ultra comfy nude and black chevron dress and gold-hardware boots) and find some easy coordinating pieces to work with it. You don’t want to look completely “matchy,” but a common color palette and a little sparkle go a long way in pulling it all together and dressing it up. Add accessories you love (here, a cute gold clutch and amazing Lily-Jade bag to tote ALL my goodies…including my camera) and you have got a recipe for a perfectly polished afternoon out!


Finish it off: Hair!

1: Little Girl Hair

Super simple little twists give this ‘do some lovely detail! Start by twisting two strands around to create mini “ropes” from each side of head, then pin in center to secure. Don’t be shy with the bobby pins, you will cover them up later!

Grab a section from each side of hair and start twisting, just below the “ropes.” Grab and twist toward center, up and towards the ropes. Hold tightly and gather hair in one hand and keep twisting into a low knot, just below the spot where ropes are pinned.

Loosen the knot and set pins to secure. Pull a few little pieces out if they aren’t already to add a little texture. You need to play with this a little so that not TOO many loose ends are sticking out, but there is enough for interest. If you run into a really long piece sticking out, remember those pins! don’t be afraid to keep tucking those pins in there to make the style last!


2: Foxy   Hair

You can literally be finished with this style in 10 minutes and look amazing! First start with lightly texturized hair that has been loosely curled/waved. We love this Kenra spray, but feel free to use anything you like! Next pull a small 2 inch section of hair from the front and start braiding. The trick here is to only french braid from ONE side and stop the french braid once you have hit your temple.


Next, continue to braid without pulling from the side and make sure you are pulling the braid backwards so ensure you do not get any weird little bumps in your braid. Once you have it fully braided, secure with a tiny clear elastic and pin to the back side or center of your head.

Loosen your braid a tiny bit then grab a small strand of hair to the side of your braid. This is the piece you will wrap over the pinned elastic and hide your work. Add a simple bobby pin here or secure with a sparkly jeweled clip to finish it off, and voi-la! You look super polished and chic in under 10 minutes. Now go celebrate!

So that’s it! If you have any questions or are interested in a feature with Blueprint Society, please leave a comment below or send us a note! Stay tuned for Part 2 of our total looks tomorrow!