05 Jun Into The Woods : Styled Shoot


With the completely INSANE weather here in Colorado lately, it has been next to impossible to schedule anything. Fortunately, we were able to snag a half an hour with no rain, hail, sleet, or tornadoes…just long enough to grab some images of these two cuties, rocking their CourtneyCourtney threads.

Working with the concept we created on our inspiration board, we unleashed these little wild things in the woods to create a little mischief…and fun! And while kids are certainly unpredictable models, one thing you can count on is a case of the giggles on set when they are in pairs. Give them permission to dance, jump, ROAR and play a broken guitar and they will rock it!

Shoes & Accessories: H&M, Target, and in-house DIY (tutorial to follow) | Dress & Romper: CourtneyCourtney | Photography: BU Photography

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